How can I support my leaders now?

An environment characterized by change and uncertainty requires a new quality of leadership. Concrete skills and tools for leading are needed now. Do you want to learn more?

Leadership for Change

Leading the way with leadership development

As the brains of your business, your management team plays a pivotal role as you expand your business. Whether you are further developing long-standing members of the team, training in a new hire, or preparing a current employee for future responsibilities, HILL leadership development helps you discern where your team excels and where there is room for improvement.

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Engagement Survey

Full speed ahead with a productive, engaged team!

You’re employees may be performing well, but are they as engaged with their work and the work environment as they could be? The HILL Engagement Survey is designed to help you answer precisely that question.

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Leadership Check

Make sure you have the right leaders on board with HILL Leadership Check

Are your managers reaching their full potential? Is their leadership style in line with the needs of your company? The HILL Management Check is designed to give you the answers to your questions and provide you with solutions that maximize efficiency.

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Leading Change

Change is in the air: how to lead change as a permanent constant in business

Change is not “a project” any more – change is our (business) life. That’s why it’s not primarily about changing department structures, work processes, staff size, etc. – it’s about supporting people in accepting change as a constant reality in their lives. Individuals, teams and organizations have very different capabilities to deal with pressure, speed and changing environments.

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Feedback Training

Develop a culture of openness and learning – with the HILL feedback program

Are you looking for a professional partner to provide your employees with objective, insightful feedback about their performance as individuals and a group? Your search stops here!

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Interculture Competence

Navigating safely the waters of intercultural business relations

As your company expands into new markets, being able to deal with cultural differences is paramount. From setting up a new office to getting the ball running and maintaining steam in a foreign market, the HILL Intercultural Competence program offers critical insight into the do’s and don’ts of international business.

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Unconscious Bias - Make Judgement-Free Decisions

Get to the bottom of decision making and the primarily unconscious biases in your organisation

Decision making is a central part of each and every leadership position, and we often make our decisions intuitively. However, our decisions are also influenced by our unconscious biases—something that isn’t necessarily bad, but which certainly needs to be taken into account.

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