Unconscious Bias - Make Judgement-Free Decisions

Get to the bottom of decision making and the primarily unconscious biases in your organisation

Many organisations what to increase the number of women in leadership roles or are hopelessly looking for technical experts. We know that both of these areas can be significantly optimised through unbiased decisions.

Decision making is a central part of each and every leadership position, and we often make our decisions intuitively. However, our decisions are also influenced by our unconscious biases—something that isn’t necessarily bad, but which certainly needs to be taken into account.

The HILL workshop on unconscious bias is designed to give you the tools you need to identify your own unconscious bias and how it has or could affect your ability to effectively make the best objective decision in any given situation. After all, the more aware you are of why you make the decisions you do, the better the guarantee that you’re making them for all the right reasons.

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